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Why Use a Yoga Mat?

agoy has brought the yoga mat up to date with a range of yoga mats in vibrant colours and styles. These yoga mats are designed and tested by experts for optimum comfort, style and durability – unlike cheaper yoga mats, these mats will withstand the demands of a regular practice – the agoy yoga mats last.

The agoy Studio Classic and Deluxe yoga mats are ideal for creating a firm, even and non-slip surface on carpets and hard, cold floors. The agoy cotton yoga mat is ideal for hot and sweaty yoga and should be used over a regular yoga mat.

The Story of agoy Yoga Strap

black and blue yoga strap

"I knew we had the potential to produce a great yoga strap once we were able to make it out of something as cool as recycled plastic bottles. It wasn't easy to get the recycled yarn to feel as soft as we wanted, but once we got the right feel it made sense to add two natural rubber strips along the length of the strap to give it additional grip. This was never a simple yoga strap for me - you see, as a yoga teacher I always keep at least 2 or 3 straps in my bag, and I really felt that this strap had to be something very special."

~Howard Napper

Yoga teacher/Creative director and founder of agoy

agoy Yoga Mats and Towels That Provide Wet Grip

agoy Yoga Towel

Yoga mats and yoga towels that have wet-grip surface could provide even better slip resistance, comfort and safety.

These agoy products offer great wet-grip and are recommended for both beginners and advanced practicers:

- Luxury Yoga Travel Mat

- Super-Soft Hand Towel

- Super-Soft Yoga Towel

Luxury Yoga Travel Mat provides both wet-grip and dry-grip, is lightweight and travel-friendly. Recommended for Hot yoga, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga classes.

Super-Soft Hand Towel and Super-Soft Yoga Towel are durable, lightweight and travel-friendly. Recommended for Hot yoga classes, manufactured with care using a unique dye-free process that significantly reduces the environmental impact. The Super-Soft Yoga Towel is even made slightly larger than most yoga mats in order for it to be tucked under at both ends of a traditional yoga mat for increased stability.