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Why Use a Yoga Mat?

agoy orange Yoga Mat

agoy has brought the yoga mat up to date with a range of yoga mats in vibrant colours and styles. These yoga mats are designed and tested by experts for optimum comfort, style and durability – unlike cheaper yoga mats, these mats will withstand the demands of a regular practice – the agoy yoga mats last.

The agoy Studio Classic and Deluxe yoga mats are ideal for creating a firm, even and non-slip surface on carpets and hard, cold floors. The agoy cotton yoga mat is ideal for hot and sweaty yoga and should be used over a regular yoga mat.

Why use a Yoga Mat?

“I have always recommended having your own yoga mat, even if your gym or yoga studio provides them. Not only because of the obvious hygiene benefits, but also because having your own mat allows you to have your own personal space to practice yoga. It may encourage and help you to develop and deepen your practice at home.” ~ Howard Napper

Yoga mats and the environment

Who would have thought that your choice of yoga mat could have an impact on your health and our environment?

Well it can!

We all want to improve our health but it’s not easy to know what’s best - we’re bombarded with confusing information about the effects of chemicals on our health and environment but what do you do with this information? Let’s face it, it’s pretty tricky to live a pure life these days, free of chemicals, pollution etc… In fact downright impossible, no matter where or how you live! We believe that the solution is to do what we can, bit-by-bit, knowing that with every little bit will make a difference!

Take a look at agoy Studio Deluxe yoga mat which is free of Phthalates, AZO, Phenol and heavy metals - which we now know are not great for us or our environment.

What to do with your old yoga mat – you can be creative as you like with this one! Contact your local homeless shelter, your favourite old mat could bring so much comfort to another person’s life. Maybe donate it to a local yoga charity, use it as a non-slip surface at home between rugs and wooden floorboards, as protection under pot plants. The possibilities are endless – let us know if you come up with a good one, we’d love to hear from you.

History of the Yoga Mat

The favoured yoga mats of the ancient yogi were the skin of the tiger. Fortunately for us, and for tigers, things have changed since then. The 60’s saw the introduction of the non-slip sticky yoga mat, but it wasn’t much more than carpet underlay until today. Today you can practice on mats in a multitude of colours, patterns and even shapes.