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Give the special gift of yoga this Christmas

The Gecko Touch is a brand-new next-generation yoga towel specifically designed to optimise the connection between you and whatever surface you’re practising on. Simply lay it on top of any studio mat, or directly on the floor, and its unique combination of microfiber towel and silicone grip provides you with a consistent leave of grip throughout your yoga practice wet or dry.

We believe its not only the combination of newness, functionality and style, plus it works for all types of yoga, that makes the Gecko Touch the ideal gift for any yoga lover this Christmas - but also because its:

  • Available in 5 beautiful colours. 
  • Has elegantly designed packaging.
  • Light weight and easy to carry to class or retreat. 
  • Provides a clean surface on any mat or floor. 
  • Easily machine washable and dries in no-time. 
  • Made using 30% recycled material. 
  • Includes a reusable wet bag that is also waterproof and breathable.